Brasilia-DF, the capital of Brazil and the seat of government, is a planned city. Inaugurated in 1960 in the Central Highlands of Brazil, it is a masterpiece of modernist architecture listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and attracts architecture aficionados worldwide.

Brasilia, DF is a vibrant, booming economy of about 3,000,000 habitants. It has the highest per capita income in Brazil - twice the national average - a sophisticated service sector and the best educational indicators in the country. Considering the last High School National Exam (ENEM) results, Brasilia reached an above average performance nationally, considering both public and private systems. The population enjoys excellent level of job stability, as more than 50% of the workforce is made up of government employees. The Federal District has a healthy real estate industry with some of the highest appreciation rates in Brazil.

Besides being the seat of government, Brasilia is also home to all the diplomatic representations, and most international organizations are headquartered in the city, which makes prospection to study abroad even more appealing to students, professional and families.

The DF is a magnet to young talent, as the best and brightest minds from all over Brazil tend to come to Brasilia to pursue educational and professional opportunities. The success of the EducationUSA Fair in Brasilia in the past five years reflects the growing demand in the DF for information on international education and training, especially in the US.

Every year, the EducationUSA Fair in Brasilia reaches thousands of students in Brasilia and in the region through promotion, attracting students, professionals and families from all over the center-west region of Brazil. The quality of attendees at the EducationUSA Fair in Brasilia has been evaluated by the vast majority of U.S. representatives, as excellent and good since its first edition in 2012. In 2016, 100% of representatives evaluated the quality of attendees as excellent or good.

We expect that once again in 2017, the fair will meet its balance between quality and number of students and we expect again, for a group of 1000- 2500 attendees. As Brazil continues its process of internationalization of education, we expect that in the years ahead the demand for educational opportunities in the US will continue to escalate in Brasilia.