Chile continues to see a steady growth in the number of students studying in the United States, with an overall increase of 4.6% according to the Open Doors Report published in 2016. Chilean undergraduate students faced the highest increase with 17% from the previous year. This increase has been fueled by an economically strong and politically stable country that has seen growth over the last decade.

Becas Chile, the government scholarship program, has also helped to significantly increase the number of students studying in the U.S.A., specifically at the graduate level. This ambitious program was launched in 2008, and provides 100% tuition among other benefits. Up till now, the program has awarded more than 7,000 scholarships, mostly for degree seeking students. This steady increase is expected to continue, as the Chilean government is committed to continue funding students to pursue degree programs abroad.

The United States has been one of the leading destinations for Becas Chile scholarship recipients over the past eight years and we anticipate that the U.S.A. will continue to be favored among Chilean students. By attending the fair in Santiago, university officials not only have the chance to recruit highly qualified students, they are also provided with the opportunity to learn more about the Becas Chile Scholarship Program. Additionally, Santiago has one of the most stable economies in Latin America and is considered a safe and attractive option for Americans who are interested in studying abroad. EducationUSA has 10 centers throughout the country and since the Fair started in 2002, it has attracted more than 15,000 visitors.