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NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Ciudad/Estado: Brooklyn - New York Sitio: Descripción: New York University, the largest private, non-profit academic institution in the U.S., encompasses a vast network of 18 schools, giving students unlimited global access to three NYU portal campuses and 11 global academic centers. Located in New York City's Brooklyn Tech Triangle, NYU Tandon School of Engineering is a major player in New York's ongoing tech renaissance, where students can connect to thousands of creative and leading organizations in this epicenter of business and technology. Graduate programs exist in the fields of mechanical, civil, urban, industrial, electrical, computer, chemical, biomedical and financial engineering along with programs in computer science, management of technology, cybersecurity, and integrated digital media. Our primary focus remains on producing highly prepared and desirable graduates, which has led us to be one of the top ranked schools in the nation with regards to graduate employability, salary potential, and return on investment. Cursos: Biology (Master's Degree, Doctorate) Business and Management (Master's Degree, Doctorate) Chemical Engineering (Master's Degree) Chemistry (Master's Degree, Doctorate) Civil Engineering (Master's Degree, Doctorate) Computer Science and Information Technology (Master's Degree, Doctorate) Electrical/Electronics Engineering (Master's Degree, Doctorate) Environmental Science (Master's Degree) Film/Video Arts (Master's Degree) Mechanical Engineering (Master's Degree, Doctorate) Physics (Master's Degree) Mechanical Engineering (Master´s Degree) Civil Engineering (Master´s Degree) Urban Engineering (Master´s Degree) Industrial Engineering (Master´s Degree) Electrical Engineering (Master´s Degree) Computer Engineering (Master´s Degree) Chemical Engineering (Master´s Degree) Biomedical Engineering (Master´s Degree) Financial Engineering (Master´s Degree) Computer Science (Master´s Degree) Management of Technology (Master´s Degree) Cybersecurity (Master´s Degree) Integrated Digital Media (Master´s Degree)
Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies
Ciudad/Estado: New Haven - Connecticut Sitio: Descripción: Yale’s school of Forestry and Environmental Studies aspires to lead the world toward a sustainable future with cutting-edge research, teaching, and public engagement on society’s evolving and urgent environmental challenges. Cursos: Environmental Science (Master's Degree) Environmental Management (Master's Degree) Forestry (Master's Degree) Forest Science (Master's Degree)