As we carefully analyzed the best way to serve U.S. HEIs and the many students interested in pursuing their studies in the U.S. in these new circumstances, we decided to launch the WHA EducationUSA Virtual Fair, a new virtual event that will include students from all the Western Hemisphere and will allow U.S. institutions to promote their programs in a cost effective way.

As with our in-person fairs, the WHA EducationUSA Virtual Fair will be organized and advertised by the EducationUSA network of advisers, who are already in constant contact with students and counselors interested in the U.S. as a study destination. EducationUSA will also provide students with the information and resources they need to navigate through the application process.

Why EducationUSA Fairs?

  • EducationUSA fairs attracted more than 20,000 students last year, in twelve different cities and nine different countries.
  • EducationUSA advisers guide students before your visit, during your stay, and after you return to the U.S. We will help students follow up on your visit.
  • Only accredited institutions will be present at the EducationUSA Fair and your institution will have access to local schools.

Student registration for the South American EducationUSA Fair 2019:

  • Rio de Janeiro: 1,394
  • Brasilia: 1,067
  • Sao Paulo: 3,729
  • Santa Cruz: 1,033
  • Asuncion: 2,970
  • Buenos Aires: 1,610
  • Montevideo: 1,279
  • Santiago: 2,421
  • Lima: 2,242
  • Quito: 2,247
  • Guayaquil: 3,027
  • Bogota: 1,403

Click here to view statistics on the number of attendees and level of interest.