Why EducationUSA Fairs?

  • EducationUSA fairs attracted more than 16000 students last year, in eleven different cities and eight different countries.
  • EducationUSA is supported by the U.S. State Department; the U.S. Embassies in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela; the Fulbright Commissions; the American Chambers of Commerce and other governmental agencies.
  • EducationUSA advisers guide students before your visit, during your stay, and after you return to the U.S. We will help students follow up on your visit.
  • Only accredited institutions will be present at the EducationUSA Fair and your institution will have access to local schools.
  • Special consular rates at five-star hotels in every city on the circuit.
  • In addition to the Fair, EducationUSA organizes visits in the mini-fair style with local schools in order to provide universities with direct access to students and counselors.
  • Special discount for universities that participate in all 11 cities.

Attendance at the South American EducationUSA Fair 2013:

  • Brasília, Brazil: 2000
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 1310
  • São Paulo, Brazil: 1700
  • Montevideo, Uruguay: 2000
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina: 950
  • Lima, Peru: 2020
  • Santiago, Chile: 1000
  • Quito, Ecuador: 1600
  • Guayaquil, Ecuador: 800
  • Bogota, Colombia: 915
  • Caracas, Venezuela: 2000